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Homeowners’ Winter Holiday Checklist

The winter holidays are approaching and that means many things: gifts, décor, cooking, planning, and for some – snow. November through January can be some of the busiest months of the year for homeowners. Get ahead of the impending chaos by completing a few important tasks and prepping for the holidays in advance.

Here are five things to have done to prepare for the winter holidays and season:

Be Ready for Weather

If you happen to live in a climate facing the realities of cold winters, being prepared for the storms that come along with them is vital. Gather your winter weather supplies like ice melts, scrapers, snow shovels, and heavy-duty winter gloves in a convenient place with easy access.

After storms have moved through, clear pathways to and near your house quickly for safety and to prevent refreeze. Keep in mind that large volumes of snow on the roof can be dangerous and should be removed if necessary.

Decorate Sensibly
Sure, some consider holiday decorating a hobby that can be practiced in some fashion year-round. For those that love the idea of being festive but dread the work – keep it simple. A simple wreath on the door or electric candles in the windows can go a long way.

Be Mindful of Drafts
If you feel a draft under a door, do not ignore it. The fastest way to rapidly climbing utility bills is allowing cold air to enter your home at will. There are a variety of products available to nullify drafts under doors and investing in them is wise for comfort and cost-savings.

Organize for Culinary Efficiency
The holidays signify a major boom in the baking and cooking part of life. Sharpen knives, account for cookware, and generally get organized to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. If you threw out a cookie sheet and haven’t replaced it – now is the time.

Simplify Rather than Eliminate
If certain aspects of the holidays stress you out but you cannot imagine the festivities without them, try simplifying them. If baking pies warms your heart but is too time consuming, maybe switch to a simpler dish like cookies. Find ways to simplify the things you love about the holidays, so you can enjoy them more.

The holidays are a great time of year to enjoy friends, family, and maybe some extra time off. Take a few steps to prepare yourself and your home for the season so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

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