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5 Fun, Family Friendly Activities in Southern California

Fall is settling in and winter is just around the bend, making sunny southern California an ideal place to live or vacation. While many other regions are hunkering down and bracing for the cold, southern California is still warm with plenty of family friendly activities both indoors and out. Let’s look at five fun, family friendly activities in southern California.


Orange County Zoo – Irvine Park

The previous home to Samson, the “hot tub bear” is a fantastic way to spend a few hours in sunny southern California. The zoo is on the small side, allowing parents and their kids to cover it in about two hours. With an inexpensive entry fee, areas catered to small children, and a short trip around the park, this zoo is perfect to enjoy with the family.


Belmont Park – Mission Beach

Southern California offers one of the few areas in the country to enjoy the beach year-round. Spend some time enjoying the thrills of the Giant Dipper, a wooden beach-front coaster for the whole family. Several rides and plenty of places to eat make Belmont Park a perfect way to spend a day at the beach – even in the winter!


The New Children’s Museum – Downtown San Diego

If you happen to experience the rare rainy day, have no fear! The New Children’s Museum offers an opportunity to get inside and enjoy many interactive exhibits geared toward the kids. With 50,000 square feet of room, the New Children’s Museum can provide hours of entertainment.


Atlantis Play Center – Garden Grove

An old-fashioned day at the playground is sure to please the kids and the Atlantis Play Center is the best playground around. With unique play areas, padded surfaces, and plenty of shady spots, the Atlantis Play Center offers a great place to play while parents relax.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Experience the thrills of an African safari just minutes from downtown San Diego! Take a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to enjoy animals like elephants and giraffes. With a variety of tour types and areas catering to smaller children, this “zoo” trip is great for the whole family.


Southern California offers visitors amazing weather with a variety of ways to experience it. Enjoy one of these five fun, family friendly activities in southern California!


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