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Time To Start Planning For The Holidays!

Even though it still feels like summer, it’s hard not to think about the holidays that are coming up. Fall decor starts showing up in the stores just as the kids are going back to school. Even if it’s not quite time to start breaking out the sweaters, it’s not a bad idea to start planning ahead for your holiday decor. Done right, this is a good way to both tidy up and freshen your home.



Take the visitor’s route

To get a new perspective on your decorating possibilities, approach your home like a guest would. Yes, literally go out to the curb or parking area, and walk to your door.

First, look for anything that seems out of place. This is the time to store away items that show spring flowers or an abundance of summery colors.

While you’re walking, take note of any potential focal points that would look nice with a fall accent. Large planters, trellises, and arbors can all benefit from a touch of seasonal decoration.



Look at your focal points

Inside your home, the usual focal points can be easily shifted to a theme that is ready for the holidays. Clear out the beach-related items and replace them with earth-toned items that can be used all through the fall and winter.

By blending in pieces of holiday decor, from autumn leaves to wintery themes, you can keep your look fresh all through fall and winter. Consider adding bolder accents to key places like your fireplace mantel, entry hall, dining room table, and even over main doorways.




Take a moment to enjoy the season

Updating your home’s look for the seasons can provide a real psychological boost, as well. When you’re in tune with the calendar changes, you’ll feel more connected and relaxed when you arrive home.

Even with busy lives, we are still affected by the cycle of the seasons and holidays. Taking the time to change out our home’s decor to reflect the calendar can give a sense of comfortable happiness to both ourselves and our guests.


So, go ahead and refresh your yard and home now! You’ll feel ready to entertain, and your friends and family will appreciate the special touches that you’ve added to your space.


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