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Five Spooky House Decorating Ideas

With fall just around the corner, that can mean only one thing. Well, it means a lot of things – back to school, football season, and of course Halloween! As the kids think creatively about their costumes, you might be wondering how to make your house the best decorated one on the block this year. Here are five spooky house decorating ideas to keep your house the spookiest.


Build a Scarecrow

Thanks to our friend without a brain in the Wizard of Oz, we all know what a traditional scarecrow looks like. “Spookify” the classic crow chaser and welcome guests to your porch with an imposing, unbreakable stare.


Let the Ghosts Fly

As dusk settles in, it can be hard to tell if those are balloons covered in white gauze or actual ghosts. Once you hang them in the tree, cross your fingers for a light breeze to really bring them to life.


A Chilling Wreath

The winter holiday favorite could easily find a new home on this creepy holiday. There are plenty of eyeball candies available out there. Simply wrap a wreath form in a black boa and adorn it with the eyeballs to provide a not so warm welcome to your guests.


A Bloody Guide

Get some washable red paint and remove your shoes and socks to create an unforgettably creepy scene. Walk towards your door (down the sidewalk or up the front steps) and leave a trail of “bloody” footsteps behind you.


Something is in the Bushes

This idea requires a little preparation – namely, obtaining as many paper empty towel rolls as you can. Simply cut eye shapes into the rolls, put glow sticks inside the rolls, and place them in the bushes with the eyes facing out. As night falls, creepy peepers will appear to be peering at everyone who walks past.

Don’t save the over the top décor for the winter holidays! Halloween can be just as fun with a little creativity. Enjoy the looks on guests faces as they stare at your spooky ideas!

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