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5 Secrets to keep a small place organized


Truth be told, keeping a small place clean can be a very daunting task. Misplacing one thing can make a room a clutter hazard. So, how do some people do it? We all know that friend who despite having the smallest square footage keeps things nice and tidy. Well, we looked into it and found five secret tips that all people with squeaky-clean homes use.

They have hidden storage units

Living in a small space means that you need to get creative. The most effective way to get creative when trying to keep a clean space is to store things. Think behind the sofa. Or storing pots inside the oven. Even utilizing the space underneath the bed. Look around your home and you will find a few storage spots hidden from plain sight. These underused spots can be very effective.

They Use Off-site storage spaces

It might not be an ideal option, but renting a unit or basement can offload the bigger items that take up to much room around the house. From the drum set to the extra chairs your holding onto, some stuff makes more sense in storage.

They get rid of stuff all the time

We all like our possessions. We like them so much that we usually tend to not get rid of them for a very long time. This is one thing that differentiates people with a clean and spacious apartment from those with a cluttered one. It isn’t necessarily that they are cleaner, they just are very selective about what they keep around.

They ask for help Designing

Some people have a good eye for keeping things nice and tidy and others just need some directions to get them started. Asking for a second set of eyes to organize your space will help create a continuously clean space. Helping hands can spot things you might not and ensure you are utilizing all the space possible.

They aren’t always so clean

As much as we might believe we have friends that are endlessly clean, the reality is that they aren’t always. Most of us all have junk drawers in the kitchen or a cluttered closet. No matter the size of your home, there’s always a way to keep it clean, or at least give a visual impression that it is spotless.


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