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7 Fun-Facts about Long Beach All Locals Know


Ferris Bueller’s House is Here

For all you cinema fanatics, Ferris did take a day off to roam the streets of Chicago but his home was actually here in Long Beach. The house is located at 4160 Country Club Drive.


Yoga on the Beach is a Must

You might not know it just yet, but your place of zen lies next to the beach amongst a community of yoga lovers. With a great ocean view and like-minded people all around your chakras will thank you.


Your not a local until you’ve visited Joe Jost’s

This family-owned bar is a staple of Long Beach and exemplifies the neighborhood like no one else. Following your visit make sure you try Joe’s Special, you can thank us later.


Yes, the Beach is Long

It’s a ten-mile stretch to be exact that starts at the marina south of Long Beach Cafe and stretches all the way over to the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.


Only Tourists use Hydrobikes

Long Beach is home to a lot of beach sports, but riding a hydro bike is just not one of them. You might catch paddle boarders roaming through or a jet ski flying by but locals will stay away from the hydro bikes.


Long Beach Neighborhoods are very Diverse

Want a city feel go to downtown. Want to explore the gayborhood then make your way down Broadway. Want to live large think Naples. Want to live in Long Beach without actually living there, then Signal Hill is your place. Want to explore the indie scene go to retro-row. Yeah, you can say Long Beach is pretty diverse.


La La Land is in Long Beach

Again, for you film buffs Seb’s (Sebastian’s bar in La La Land) is actually called The Blind Donkey and is located at 149 Linden Ave. Visit Mia’s house just a few blocks over at the beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival apartments located at 1728 E 3rd street.


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